What is Sachchai Kendra Nepal ?

History of Sachchai (Ishwariy Marg Bhajan Mandal Sachchai Kendra)

One of the most spread cults in Nepal called Sachchai is a group that started in the state of Uttarakhand in India by giving the name Satsang, which they named Tum Jagat ki Jyoti. This Cult is found to have spread widely in the state of Uttarakhand, India. had done

Founder Prakashdeep Gaire and his wife Sushila Kattel Gaire (co-founders) established Sachai Kendra Nepal in the year 2071 (2014/15). Their head office is located at Seti Marg Dip-16, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal. They also have branches in other cities of Nepal. It is heard that the founder went to India and brought Satsang to Nepal from there.

In North India, there are three types of "Jesus Satsang" groups. Hindus used the name Satsang. Later, "Jesus Satsang" appeared in the context of evangelism. "Jesus Satsang" entered various communities in North India. According to the community, it took three different forms. The first type is "Jesus Bhakti Satsang", the second, "Arya Samaj Jesus Satsang", and the third, is "Sikh Jesus Satsang".

Founder Gaire also initially formed his group in Nepal with the name Satsang and it is almost similar to "Arya Samaj Yeshu Satsang" so it can be assumed that Founder Gaire adopted this idea from North India. Later, they focused on their other two names. Nowadays, this group It is famous by the name of "Sachchai".

What is Sachchai ?

Truth has announced the following on its official website:

  • The word Sachchai means truth.
  • Truth is the light of positive thinking.
  • Where truth prevails, truth prevails.
  • We pray to God, and we believe in seeking and finding God within ourselves. Not in things, not in stone and clay, not in temples and idols.
  • We meditate on God and give millions of thanks for this precious life.
  • We respect human thinking and always try to change the negative thinking in society to positive.

Raise your thoughts and mind higher than the mountains. Keep the passion alive faster than the storm. The world is selfish. Keep your mind focused on God and not on the world.

Beliefs/Principles of Sachchai

Sachchai Kendra Nepal has no specific principle. Although they look like Christians in their appearance, they are similar to Hindus in their doctrinal beliefs. We can see some of the theoretical ideas of Sanchai in a short article by founder Gaire on the official website.

  • It is clear that the soul and true mind is God.
  • There are two gods. One is made by man, and the other is God who made man.
  • Because of our negative thoughts, we ignored the creator God and limited ourselves to the gods our forefathers made.
  • Where there is peace, whose heart is innocent, there is God. Whose heart is pure, whose heart is big, God is there.
  • Accepting God is easy, but people work hard for it.
  • Sachchai always seeks God, and God is always in (our) soul.
  • They seek God in religion. This is a distortion.
  • Eventually, the true Jesus Christ (sounds like Jesus Christ) will rule this earth and we will be that Jesus Christ.

When we read all these things, it is very confusing. However, if we try to conclude, this doctrine is more focused on attaining God through our works and strength. Not only that, they are claiming that we are the true Jesus Christ and that we will eventually rule the earth. Because Jesus is Jesus in Nepali and Masi sounds like Masihi which means Christ.

Practices' of the Sachchai Kendra Nepal

Sachai Kendra Nepal members meet every week. In that gathering, they usually do four types of activities. They sing bhajans (songs/hymns). Founder Gaire and his wife wrote many hymns. They sing it in their hymn services. The hymns are designed as Hindu hymns, but they use the words, God and Jesus.

They share testimonies. This is one of the most important things in their gathering. They give ample time to share testimonies. Many share how they have changed after coming to the truth. How they were cured of their illness after prayer. Testimony is the greatest tool to attract people to the truth.

Their congregations also have a preaching ministry. The preacher takes a verse (or 2 verses) from the Bible and preaches as he pleases. They have no explanatory methods. It is enough for them to relate the poem to their experience and imagination. In particular, they use the New Testament. They often use these words in their preaching about God and Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ?).

There is also truth in prayer and healing services. They pray for the sick in the name of Jesus Masi (Jesus Christ?). Many people have shared testimonies of healing after prayer. They have claimed miracles in their lives. Some such incidents are also going viral on social media. They also pray in tongues. Not only once a week, but also on other days they hold prayer meetings.

Activities Of Sachchai Kendra Nepal

The Sachchai Kendra Nepal has been doing various activities in various aspects. Some of them are mentioned below.

Jesus preaches about salvation and healing in the name of Jesus. There are many ways to share this message. Sometimes they share it through their own lives and sometimes from the Bible. They go to people's houses and preach. This is how they bring people into their group.

No one should give up his religion/religious practice to become a member of the truth. They can practice their own religion. At birth, funeral, marriage (and so on) members may follow their own religious path or any other.

They organize events and invite guests from high government positions. By doing this, they please them and attract people towards them. They have said that they have united all religions without changing any religion.

Are Sachchai and Christian the same?

The main confusion among the Nepali people is whether Sachai is a Christian or not. Many are claiming to be Christians. But Sachai himself is always declaring that he is not a Christian. Christians also see them as a pluralistic religious cultural group.

Sachai always claims that they are not a religious group. Sachai says there is room for all religions. No one should convert to live in the truth. However, they say, everyone must admit that salvation is only in Jesus Christ. People think they are Christians because of the name Jesus (Jesus) and the use of the Bible. Some have even alleged that the truth is a Christian strategy to convert people to Christianity.

Christians completely deny that Sachai Kendra Nepal is a Christian group. Because holding a Bible and chanting the name of Jesus does not make a person a Christian. Jesus also said that even false prophets can use His name and perform miracles (Matthew 7:15-23). Sachai only marks certain limited verses and assigns its members to read only those verses. The main purpose of reading the Bible truthfully is to make people emotional. They attract people with emotional speeches and displays of power.

Nissan Gharti Magar is a Pastor of God's Plan Church. He loves to write faith-based Blogs.

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