10 Things You Should Know About Voddie Baucham Family.

Voddie Baucham is a well-known pastor, author, and speaker, particularly recognized for his views on Christian family life, education, and cultural issues. Here are some key details about his family:

  1. Wife:

    • Voddie Baucham is married to Bridget Baucham. They have been together since 1989 and often collaborate on various ministry and family initiatives.
  2. Children:

    • The couple has nine children. Voddie and Bridget place a strong emphasis on homeschooling and raising their children within a Christian worldview. Their children's education and upbringing are significant aspects of Voddie’s teachings and public discussions.
  3. Family Life and Values:

    • The Bauchams are advocates for traditional Christian family values. Voddie often speaks about the roles of husbands and wives, the importance of biblical parenting, and the significance of a Christ-centered home.
  4. Homeschooling:

    • The Baucham family is a prominent example of the homeschooling movement within the Christian community. Voddie Baucham supports homeschooling as a means to provide a biblically grounded education and to protect children from secular influences.
  5. Ministry Collaboration:

    • Bridget Baucham plays an active role in their ministry, supporting Voddie’s work and sometimes speaking or writing on issues related to family and faith.
  6. Relocation:

    • In recent years, the Baucham family has spent time living in Zambia, where Voddie serves as the Dean of Theology at African Christian University. This move underscores their commitment to global Christian education and ministry.
  7. Public Appearances:

    • The Bauchams often appear together at conferences and in various media, discussing topics related to family, marriage, and education from a Christian perspective.
  8. Books and Resources:

    • Voddie Baucham has authored several books, some of which include insights and experiences from his own family life. His books often focus on themes like family discipleship, marriage, and biblical manhood and womanhood.
  9. Community Engagement:

    • The Baucham family is actively involved in their local church community and in broader Christian networks, where they advocate for strong, faith-based family units.
  10. Legacy and Impact:

    • The Bauchams' approach to family life has inspired many within the Christian community. Their emphasis on biblical principles and family discipleship continues to influence countless families seeking to live out their faith in daily life.

Through his teachings and example, Voddie Baucham and his family have become influential figures in promoting and modeling Christian family values and education.

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