6 Benefits of Expository Preaching on a Church.

Regular expository preaching of the Bible is the staple diet of a healthy church. - Alistair Begg

“Expository preaching consists in the explanation and application of a passage of Scripture. Without explanation it is not expository; without application, it is not preaching.“32.”

— Steven J. Lawson

Here are 6 Benefits Expository preaching is so important for several reasons:

1. Biblical Fidelity: Expository preaching focuses on faithfully and accurately explaining and applying the teachings of the Bible. It seeks to understand the original context, authorial intent, and meaning of the biblical text, ensuring that the message preached aligns with God's Word. This approach guards against personal biases or theological agendas that may distort the meaning of the Scriptures.

2. Authority of Scripture: Expository preaching affirms the authority of the Bible as God's inspired and authoritative Word. By unpacking and explaining the biblical text in its original context, it emphasizes that the message being proclaimed is not the preacher's opinions or ideas, but the timeless truth of God. This helps believers to trust in the reliability and sufficiency of Scripture for guidance and spiritual growth.

3. Comprehensive Teaching: Expository preaching systematically covers various topics and themes found in the Bible. Rather than selectively focusing on preferred or popular passages, it ensures that the congregation receives a well-rounded understanding of God's Word. Expository preaching allows for a balanced presentation of both the comforting and challenging aspects of Scripture, helping believers to develop a holistic understanding of God's character and purposes.

4. Contextual Relevance: While expository preaching prioritizes faithful interpretation of the biblical text, it also emphasizes relevant application to the lives of the listeners. By unpacking the meaning and principles of the Scriptures, expository preaching bridges the gap between the ancient text and the contemporary audience. It addresses the needs, challenges, and questions of the congregation, guiding them in how to live out their faith in their specific contexts.

5. Spiritual Growth: Expository preaching has the potential to foster spiritual growth in the lives of believers. By systematically studying the Scriptures, individuals are exposed to the full counsel of God, leading to a deeper understanding of His character, purposes, and teachings. Expository preaching equips believers with the knowledge and wisdom necessary for personal transformation and maturing faith.

6. Congregational Unity: When a church consistently engages in expository preaching, it helps to unify the congregation around the truth of God's Word. As everyone is exposed to the same teachings and biblical principles, it promotes a shared theological foundation and a common understanding of faith. This unity in biblical knowledge can strengthen relationships, foster a sense of community, and promote healthy church life.

Conclusion :

In summary, expository preaching is important because it upholds the authority and integrity of the Scriptures, provides comprehensive teaching, ensures contextual relevance, fosters spiritual growth, and promotes congregational unity. By faithfully proclaiming God's Word, expository preaching serves as a vital means of communicating His truth and transforming lives.

Nissan Gharti Magar is a Pastor of God's Plan Church. He loves to write faith-based Blogs.


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